The (New) Science of Using Phytosubstances for Wellness

Services We Provide:

• Consulting studies and program assessments
• Project development and presentation
• Educational seminars, symposia and community outreach plans
• Conferences and speaking engagements

We synthesize knowledge from cutting-edge scientific research on the beneficial effects of plant-based substances (phytosubstances) and apply it to health and wellness programs. We study the field and help you create and run programs which contribute to preventative medicine and reduce healthcare costs. We work with organizations concerned with the effectiveness and cost of healthcare to develop science-based strategies, which incorporate the health benefits of phytosubstances into wellness programs. And we help design and implement these programs

How We Can Work with You:

• Designing educational programs and conferences related to the use of phytosubstances for wellness: programs for groups of health practitioners as well as for special patient groups and for the general public.

• Organizing and conducting seminars and symposia for HMOs, insurance companies, military health care, the Veterans Administration, and other stakeholders in the Healthcare industry who want to improve patient health and reduce costs.

• Creating programs for healthcare professionals who need to understand the scientific basis and specific pathways through which phytosubstances work & which ones can be useful for fighting diseases such as cancers, Alzheimer's, arthritis, and diabetes.

• Consulting for NGOs, Ministries of Health in the Caribbean & and other developing countries, and world health organizations, to create programs related to phytosubstances and the health of their populations. Use of medicinal plants has been a long tradition in many of these cultures and often locally-grown medicinal plants are often more available and less expensive than pharmaceuticals.

• Consulting on how healthcare providers can be knowledgeable about phytosubstances that U.S. immigrant populations (i.e. Chinese, Caribbeans, Indians) have a long history of using in their home countries. And how to best integrate this in a complimentary healthcare program.

• Consulting for NGO's and Ministries on economic development possibilities of growing and marketing bio-active phytosubstances, particularly in developing countries where many of these plants are endemic. Products include dried and fresh herbs and teas; essential oils, exotic herbal drinks and cosmaceuticals. Also, using plant-based substances as a foundation to develop health & wellness tourism, as well as agro-tourism.

• Reviewing and assessing existing programs relating to the health benefits of phytosubstances.

• Creating seminars for culinary & whole food organizations, restaurateurs and company wellness directors on the benefits of plant-based substances & their molecular pathways and how to apply this knowledge in their current businesses.

Strategizing with food entrepreneurs to develop plant-based business opportunities such as Juice and Smoothie Cafes or Vegan Restaurants that also highlight the smart-food aspects of phytosubstances.

Consulting for media, high-tech and other companies on how they can offer employees foods, juices or snacks that provide health-promoting and mental awareness benefits.

• Consulting on the use of Internet, mobile media, smartphon apps, social media etc from promoting and supporting health objectives via phytosubstances.