The (New) Science of Using Phytosubstances for Wellness

Aging Sciences Blog includes Vince Giuliano's selected publications which provide insight into specific  topics including:

  • Public heath, wellness and aging
  • Plant-Based substances and disease processes
  • Specific phytosubstances
  • Dietary supplements
  • Aging and public policy
  • Stress management – hormesis
  • Phytosubstance-related molecular heath pathways
  • Hormesis and health-generating pathways
  • Nutrition
  • Advanced topics in biology

Vince Giuliano's Recent Conference Presentations
  • Multifactorial Hormesis
  • The Prospects that Emerging Science Offers Us for Longer Healthy Lifespans

Research and Links includes news articles about recent scientific research on plant-based substances as well as databases of medicinal plants and their bioactive properties.