The (New) Science of Using Phytosubstances for Wellness

Our Team

Vince Giuliano, Chief Scientist, has a Phd. from Harvard in Applied Physics. A pioneer and visionary in the evolution of computer technology and the internet, Vince currently researches and writes a highly popular scientific blog on longevity and health sciences His research critically analyzes health and longevity-related multidisciplinary research, including cell and molecular biology, genomics, epigenomics, stem cells, metabolomics, and nutritional science. Vince has focused much of his recent in-depth research on the health impacts of a number of phytosubstances. He also studies the molecular pathways activated by bio-active phytosubstances and the epigenetic transformations they induce. He has published articles in TIME Magazine, Forbes, and Scientific American and hosted a series of online forums for the New York Times Online. During most of his career Vince has been a consultant, generally in charge of the more than 50 consulting projects he has pursued. Vince was senior consultant and group head at Arthur D. Little, Inc. and Chief Scientist and Chief Operating Officer of Mirror Systems, a software company. Later, as part of the Electronic Publishing Group, Vince ran consulting projects related to internet in Spain and Latin America. He was also founding dean of a graduate school at the State University of New York. He is currently a popular speaker at scientific conferences relating to health and longevity.

Melody Winnig, Director, has a Masters Degree in Information Science from the State University of New York. Melody co-founded the Orange Corporation, a consultancy focused on supporting health professionals to address the needs of diverse & marginalized populations. She has also worked on database projects for USAID in Egypt. As a partner in The Electronic Publishing Group she has worked on internet consulting projects in Spain, numerous Latin American countries and within the U.S. Recently, Melody has been researching economic development opportunities in Jamaica, including how the rich culture of medicinal plant traditions can benefit local communities. Her current interest is how the scientific research on phytosubstances can be integrated into health policy both in the U.S. and in developing countries. In her free time she studies Afro-Haitian dance and paints.

Michael Giuliano, Project Manager, has an M.S. degree in Administrative Studies from Boston University with a major in Economic Development & Tourism Management. Mike has traveled widely and has spent the past several years as a partner in the Real Jamaica Team researching how to use Jamaica’s resources for economic development while maintaining sustainability. Recently, he has been studying the epigenetic science of plant-based substances as well as the ancient traditions of medicinal plants in the Caribbean and Africa. His current focus is on how healthcare systems can work with immigrant populations who come from countries with a strong culture of medicinal plant use. He constantly stretches our out-of-the-box thinking skills.

Kadian James, International Liason, has a Masters of Clinical Social Work (MSW) degree from  Boston College.   She has a B. A. in Language Communication and Society from the University of the West Indies Mona, Jamaica. In Jamaica she worked for the Ministry of Justice, the Chilean Embassy and also trained U.S. Peace Corps volunteers in Jamaican Culture and Jamaican Language Acquisition. She has strong interest in how plant-based substances can be used for both prison and mentally ill populations, especially for those who come from cultures where medicinal plants are the first course of treatment for both physical and mental ailments. Kadian's grandfather is a well-known Bush Doctor and she grew up in a family that is steeped in the lore of healing with plant-based remedies.