The (New) Science of Using Phyto-Substances for Wellness

Multifactorial Hormesis - Powerpoint Presentation
Posted on 19. March 2013 by Vincent Giuliano
Hormesis is about how biological systems respond to stress in a non-linear fashion. In a certain "hormetic" range of dosage of virtually any stress, a biological system responds by more than accommodating to the stress, e.g. putting itself into a more healthy state than it would be without the stress. I gave this PowerPoint presentation in Honolulu at the Hawaii Institute for Molecular Education Symposium Investigating the Future of Medicine which was Webcast on March 16, 2013. The presentation is more graphical and less technical than the discussion in the previous blog entry Multifactorial Hormesis – the theory and practice of maintaining health and longevity and goes much further in explaining the universal nature of hormesis. I also offered a version of this presentation on March 25 2013 at a science symposium at Montana State University.

The Prospects that Emerging Science Offers Us for Longer Healthy LifeSpans-  Powerpoint Presentation
Posted on 30. March 2013 by Vincent Giuliano
On March 25 2013, I gave a presentation “The Prospects that Emerging Science Offers Us for Longer Healthy Lifespans” as part of the Kopriva Science Seminar series at Montana State University. I provide an overview of the sciences relative to aging, important lessons regarding human aging, the close relationships between health and aging, and approaches that have extended the lives of laboratory animals. I also discuss conventional and emerging wisdom about living long lives, including new fields of research that may lead to enabling healthy human lifespans of twice the current average. And I explain how the “stem cell supply chain” may be enhanced to extend healthy lifespans.